Programming Resources

  • Basic SAS programming
  • Advice on programming (for programmers)
  • Validation of programming results
  • Review of tables, figures, and listings 
  • Replication of tables, figures, and listings to assure accuracy
  • Review of programming specifications prior to programming
    • Comment on areas where clarity is needed
    • Comment on areas  that require better specification (when programmers make decisions, better specification is needed)
    • Comment on documentation of links from variables names to tables specifications
    • Comment on adequacy of calculation specifications
    • Comment on adequacy of tables definitions
    • Comment on adequacy of data conventions and rules
      • What to do about missing values
      • What to do about extra assessments
      • What to do about multiple baselines
      • What do to about multiple endpoints
      • What do to when a panel is present, but an analyte is missing
      • What do to about varying normal ranges
      • What do to about varying units



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