Consulting Services 

We are able to provide these services on an as-requested basis.

  • Document reviews
  • Plan reviews
  • Plan development
  • Interim assessments of data bases, documents, reports, plans
  • Audits
  • Audit plans
  • Audit reports (formal or informal)
  • Focus reports
  • Clinical Study Report
  • Abbreviated Clinical Study Report
  • Plans for integrated analyses
  • Audits of NDA documents, summaries, overviews, reports
  • Document development
  • Replication of results


We would like to be your in-sourcing partner.

  • It is not good business to staff for peaks, but when the peaks arise, you must have a plan to get the work done. 
  • Let us help you with your backlog and your overload.
  • Let us help you manage the work that has been awarded to a CRO.
  • Let us provide reviews, ongoing assessments, interim assessments, plans, documents.



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